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سجل النكبة: الهولوكوست الفلسطيني المفتوح (THE Ongoing Palestinian Holocaust)     جديد  
1008 :عدد الصفحات نواف الزرو : المؤلف
17 x 24 : الحجم العلوم السياسية : الموضوع
3.26 KG : الوزن (3202/5/6712) :ISBN
USD 250 : السعر
      2023 : سنة النشر
This Encyclopedia is an outstanding historical and political documentation of the history of the Palestinian Nakba. The in-depth reading of the Palestinian cause along with the historical, legal, and moral significance of documenting the ongoing Zionist Holocaust against Palestinians are discussed in detail in this encyclopedia.
Al-Zaro chronicles how the Palestinian land was before the Israeli occupation and how it has become over a period of 75 years. The documents, confessions and testimonies gathered from Israeli archives narrate the story of more than a century and a half of the most dangerous colonial armed robbery which history has ever witnessed. The encyclopedia also documents the history of ethnic cleansing, Zionist massacres, the policies and strategies of transfer and uprootedness of Palestinians. This encyclopedia tells the epic story of resilience and struggle; a century and a half in the lives of Palestinians who have fought oppression, hegemony, and colonialism.
This is the narrative of war, heritage, national identity, and collective memory of Palestinians and the history of a land that has been living an ongoing existential conflict that has been intergenerational and timeless.
The Encyclopedia of Al-Nakba Record has recently been published in English by Dar Majdalawi for Publishing and Distribution in Amman-Jordan. This encyclopedic work consists of 1008 pages that discuss the historical testimonies and confessions collected from Western and Zionist documents. It also includes 160 photos which document the countless number of massacres that have been committed against Palestinian adults and children. This is not an exaggerated narrative. It is the outrageous reality of the brutal murders, the countless assassinations, the destruction of houses and villages, the transfer, and the exodus of Palestinians.
This coloured encyclopedia, which consists of three parts, covers a wide spectrum of the Zionist massacres committed against Palestinians. Part One, ‘Israel’: The Industry of European Colonial Incubators’, consists of 14 sections,10 chapters, and 3 appendices which explain the several phases of the Palestinian cause. Part Two ‘The Archive of the Genocidal Bloody Massacres against the Palestinian People’ consists of five sections, twenty-nine chapters, and four appendices which cover the ongoing Zionist massacres against Palestinians. Part three consists of The Coloured File which narrates through different photos the story of Palestinians whose lives were wasted by Israel’s weaponry machine.
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